We develop standard Smart TV applications within approximately a month


We have developed a customizable boilerplate application that offers a set of popular features and can be easily tailored to your brand and content.


The boilerplate application offers a standard video catalogue, card, player, search function, TV features and in-app purchase option, so there is no need to start from scratch.

White label

The application is white labeled and takes on your signature style. You can add your logo and apply any color combinations.

Samsung, LG, Android TV

As well as other platforms: Philips, Panasonic, Opera, Eltex, MAG, TVIP, Dune.
White Label Smart TV application

Seamless workflow

Submit a request via our website. Tell us about your needs, content type and desired features. We will contact you to specify details.

API adapter development

Once we clear up all technical details, we then begin to develop a mediation layer between your API and the application.


To make the application unique and distinctive, we apply your signature style, color preferences and logo.

Quality Assurance

Our team of QA specialists will test the application and assist you in application certification.


Once the application is certified with vendor, it becomes available in stores and to customers.
Seamless workflow

Out-of-the-box features

Catalogue and VoD card

Video carousels that can display posters and banners.


Standard VoD, Live, Catch-up players.

VoD and TV content search

Customizable video description: cover, title, genre and action buttons.


Multi-channel TV guide. Navigate through packages, channels, dates and current TV guide.

Content purchase

There are options available for the purchase of videos, packages and channels.

Your brand

To avoid giving a cut-and-dry impression, the application is designed to be adjustable to any brand.


Key application pages display your logo.

Colors and image

To make the application recognizable, color combinations can be adjusted.

Fonts and icons

The application can integrate any font or icon set.
Do you want a customized graphic design? Contact us
Branded Smart TV application

All popular platforms

The application works on the ZombieBox framework which supports all popular platforms.

Full list of platforms

  • Samsung Orsay Smart TV
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TV
  • LG NetCast Smart TV
  • LG webOS Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV
  • Opera TV
  • Dune HD STB
  • Eltex STB
  • Aura HD STB
  • Amino STB
  • Android TV

Submit a request

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We develop custom applications

Interfaced has been developing Smart TV applications since 2010.
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We can develop an application, its graphic design and back-end, assure its quality and assist in certifying it with vendors.